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Why Employ a Professional NEONZ Nanny?

With the growing number of working parents in the workplace today, having a nanny is now no longer associated with only the rich.

For some families, employing a professionally trained nanny can often be a more practical and economical alternative to other childcare services.

This is especially so where parents may seek flexibility in hours and duties from the childcare provider or where it is more convenient to maintain the child’s home environment as the preferred location for care.

A nanny can cover those unexpected situations like sick children and extended work hours of the parents. Also home based childcare can often be an economical option when there is more than one child to be cared for in the family or where siblings are of school age and require after school care.

The trained nanny, unlike other early childhood providers has a dual role, that of supporting both the parents and children by minimising the disruption to their normal environment and routines, whilst enhancing the child’s learning experiences.